1. Cedar Creek Farm Lady

    Scalped Quail

    When I went out to check on my quail, I found this feller in the hide with a friend. Who has experience with quails recovering from being scalped? I separated him, of course, brought him inside. Cleaned up his head as much as possible, applied Scarlex and antibiotic ointment. I haven't probed in...
  2. ReliezFarm

    Help, my pullet got scalped by her siblings

    My first time posting for help!!! I have found so much information here, it's great!! So, when I opened the coop as usual today at 7am to let the birds out, they all were excited as normal to get out, Rooster first, followed by the pullets, and two bit older bantam pullets. EXCEPT for one...
  3. Erik the epic

    Help male quail attacking hens!!!!!!

    I have three bobwhite quail two hens and one male, all are about a year old. The male has suddenly started attacking the females. One hen has been scalped I can see bone, and she is limping.The other hen has lost a lot of feathers but nothing as bad a the first hen.The male has been a little...
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