silver leghorn

  1. TrentT

    Who's the mom?

    I just had several chicks hatch. Father is a purebred Welsummer. Potential mothers include golden campine, silver campine, and silver leghorn. The chick on the right in the first pic was mothered by a RIR, but the black one and the chick in the second pic could be from any of the hens listed...
  2. EmilyPink

    What breed and gender(s)? RIR,BR and ?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but my chicks are approx 6 weeks old. They are all happy, with some occasional brawling, but otherwise all has been good! It has been too cold and still snowy to put them outside here. I have two barred rocks, two Rhode Island reds, and two silver leghorns? I’m...
  3. Miriah132

    Color genetics? And comb identification!

    Hi all! So I posted a few weeks back asking how to tell a pea comb from a single comb in young chicks and I think I figured it out! This would be a pea comb correct? As for color genetics, how does the silver gene work? I have 6 mixed chicks out of my own flock and can not remember which eggs...
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