spring chicks

  1. Justy0

    Quail Spring Hatch a long!

    I just put 6 of my Coturnix quail's eggs into the bator today. Last year I tried with 24 shipped eggs and only got 1 hatch. But this year I am pretty excited to have my own quails laying fertile eggs!!! Not sure how high the fertility rates are but we shall find out! I also have a friend who...
  2. HenHouse4Life

    Newest additions

    Just got these lovelies over the weekend :love Blue Plymouth Rock
  3. KDOGG331

    Spring Chicks!

    Anyone getting spring chicks this year!? I placed my order about a week and a half ago and I am impatiently waiting! Lol I am getting 5 chicks from Meyer Hatchery with a hatch date of April 29th and I am so excited!!! We already have 7 chickens from Meyer Hatchery and I love them. They just...
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