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Jun 19, 2020
Hi everyone.
Looking for some guidance here. I have a flock of 5 hens and a rooster and two drakes and a duck. They live together. Ducks have a doghouse to sleep in but don’t they sleep in the run all night. He s and rooster sleep in coop. Here’s my story …

My husband decided to get us 3 ducklings last March - landed up with two drakes and a duck (Pekin). They’re adorable but … read on

Around that same time, we lost my Rooster Carlito to a Coyote. We were gifted a bantam rooster (Paulie Walnuts).

So, cut to about June. Three ducks and 5 hens living cohesively in a 12x12x12 run with coop and dog house. Paulie enters and screws everything up.

Paulie originally went to sleep with the ducks. So I had a rooster two drakes and a duck in a doghouse 😳

But then, my drakes were over mating my duck and she hurt her leg. So we put a barricade down the middle of the run so the duck could heal for a week or so. And she did, however, Paulie was locked out of his doghouse so he started sleeping in the coop (finally).

Problem is, he is now sleeping in the egg box and my hens are laying their eggs in the duck dog house.


Thanks in advance friends.


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So for the cock sleeping in the nest, the roost needs to be significantly higher than the nests. Then block off the nests in the evening so he doesn't have a choice but to roost with the hens. It will become habit for him. During the training, you'll have to open up the nests early in the morning so the hens can use it.
I would get rid of/eat one or both of the drakes. They may decide to start mating the hens. That would be a problem.

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