Is My Rooster Actually a Hen?


Apr 5, 2021
Hi all,

A few posts back a bunch of people commented that my blue Coturnix quail was a rooster. I took it for what it was since my boys were developing slow and hadn’t been producing foam for a while and accepted that he could be feather sexed like everyone was claiming. But now I’m not sure that’s the case....

Every evening my quail are let out together to play in the tortoise table while I clean out their cages (finally got the roo’s their own cage now, despite no mating happening yet) and as I was cleaning today I saw some very foamy poops. I thought “finally” since it’s taken so long, and went to go vent check all my quail. Sure enough, quiet little Cookie, who has been living in the roo cage for the past week, both hasn’t been showing any signs of crowing, or any other roo behaviour. In comparison Peach and Rocky have been trying to mount each other continuously (but won’t even attempt to mount the hens when they get to play together in the evenings, why is that?). I can see the obvious bulge of foam in the roo’s vent, but Cookie doesn’t have one.

I just want to double check before I place them back with the rest of the hens. Cookie is officially a hen now, right?



And just to compare, here’s Peach one of my roo’s:


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Oct 5, 2020
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That vent photo is too dark to see anything. If you gently pull the tail back, and see a bump/pimple, it's male.

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