Low pecking order bully

Nov 11, 2020
West Virginia
I couldn't do it quite like this. I had the run and the coop separated into two areas; one for the chicks, one for the adults. I had a "mean" hen (bottom of the pecking order) who pecked the chicks when she could reach them through the fence.

For about 3 weeks, I put mash snack on both sides of the fence, so that they could get used to eating together, but meanie would peck every time she could.

On "opening day" when I took down all the fencing, I shut meanie into a crate for 4 days. The next morning when they came out, everything was rearranged and there were new things added to the run.

I let her out at lockup on the 4th day. She made a beeline for the coop and got on the roost.

Things have been going better than I thought they would. They don't join wings and sing Kum Ba Ya, but they sort of get a long. The meanie will peck the chicks more than the others, but I've seen them all do it. The chicks are learning their place in the flock. Ie, out of the way of the adults.

I have 3 feed stations and 3 waterers, split up all around the run. When I go out in the morning, I sprinkle food on the ground in various places, so there is something for everyone to find and eat.
Integrating can be difficult!Sounds like you've done a great job with them!Congratulations!

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