Need help with my chickens


Feb 1, 2021
My oldest part of my flock is 1 year old.
I raised them from baby chicks, I purchased and others raised from our incubated eggs.
I really need help!!!
Oldest is a year they are silkies, bantams, Rhode Islandreds, golden sexlinks, red sexlinks, leghorns, Ameracauna, Easter eggers, olive eggers, Wyandotte
In June of last year I got lavender orphingtons, buff orphingtons, dark n light brahmas, cuckoo marans, spotted sussex, ameracauna. We added 20 frizzles to our flock, I rescued them. They were and are in great shape. It’s three generations.
Mom, dad and off spring.
We feed 16 to 20% laying pellets, have grit and oyster available.
They get scratch with black oiled sunflower seeds, mealworms added.
They get nice garden scraps
They are free range on our ranch
So in the summer we had a silkie with wry neck. Separated from flock gave extra vitamins to no prevail we had to put her down. Then we had another case of it put her down.
Looked into what we were feeding which is nutrena laying pellets all looked well with it so we started adding vitamin to the water.
All was good
Just think week one of my female silkie hens was walking weird, moved her to garage and kept an eye on her with food and fresh water.
She had to be out down 2 days later.
Then yesterday my golden sexlink was found dead outside.
My flock was 80.
I will be doing a count of my chickens tonight when they get into the coop.
I need help
Should I start feeding medicated in case it’s coccidiosis?
is it safe for them if they are laying?
It looks like coccidiosis?
Please any advice would be so appreciated


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It is unlikely to be coccidiosis. What makes you think it is?
If it were coccidiosis, medicated feed wouldn't be the best approach. Dosing with Corid/amprolium would be better. The amount in medicated feed is more of a preventive than a cure.
Your birds have been on your property long enough that if they were susceptible to a species on your property they had no resistance to, they would have succumbed long ago.
Where are you located? Unexplained deaths should be investigated by getting a necropsy by an avian pathologist at your state or national diagnostic lab.
Your feeding regimen sounds OK. However, I would ask how much scratch they are getting as a percentage of total intake. I would also eliminate the sunflower seed. While dehulled sunflower and sunflower meal are high in protein, black oil sunflower seed is too high in fiber and fat. One should stay about 5+% fiber and BOSS has 20-23% fiber. It also has 30% fat. The diet should be about 3-7% total fat.
Much of the protein and half the fat in BOSS is absorbed by the fiber and lost in digestion.
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