Official BYC Poll—Do You Keep a Rooster?

Do You Keep a Rooster?

  • Yes, just one

    Votes: 128 24.7%
  • Yes, more than one

    Votes: 246 47.4%
  • No, never

    Votes: 59 11.4%
  • No, but I used to

    Votes: 40 7.7%
  • What's a rooster?

    Votes: 3 0.6%
  • No, but I intend to in the future

    Votes: 43 8.3%

  • Total voters

Aunt Angus

Free Ranging
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA
My killer Belgian d 'Uccle rooster weighted in at under two pounds, and could fly up to my eyeball level! A very bad boy, who stayed too long, as he was our first rooster. Never again!
Yeah, I have a feeling this guy would do that if he weren't afraid of my top hen. She defends me. He's never attacked me, thankfully. He's attacked the feed bucket when I was carrying it. He hates that bucket.


Mar 13, 2018
Last year after purchasing chicks from Murray McMurry and hatching some eggs I had too many roosters. Even after losing some to my fault of the heat lamp too high.
So in late August 15 roosters went to process. Leaving 2 for the 15 gals. The one Roo is dominate and will chase the other one around.


Feb 1, 2021
West Tennessee
One never knows with roosters, especially between various breeds. Like all males, they are unpredictable at times. Sometimes, a group will work it out and all be OK, Sometimes a couple will fight to the death. A really good rooster, will often be real aggressive to people, but be the best specimen of his kind for other traits. I knocked the head of a mean barred rock one time in anger! But, I had a few more good looking roosters to choose from, anyway. I could of dealt with that better, by just deciding to cull him and another couple before he got so big and aggressive. I have kept a couple bad boys, because they were so perfect for their job and looked like what their breed was supposed to look like! I had kids back in the early days and bad roosters were more of a problem for me then. I am not a pro, breeder, or expert on chickens. I have done it a long time now, but pretty casually, just for my own use and a few other families. I have worked around large chicken, cattle and exotic animals operations but was not the chief honcho and one of the most significant things I learned, was never turn your back on an "intact" male animal!


Jan 5, 2021
2 of them. Here is my favorite.....

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