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Dec 24, 2020
We have two year old hen who has was having watery diarrhea for a couple of weeks. After this we saw her lay a lash egg. She became more lethargic and less active every day so we brought her in and started medication with antibiotic and meloxicam. Her crop.was also not emptying. Her poops continued to be watery with green stuff in it. We then stopped the a antibiotic and started Baytril as we thought she might have C. Perfringens as per her poop. We ran 5 days of Baytril with Meloxicam with not much improvement. We then started Fenbendazole 1ml for 3 days and she made a moderate improvement. We tool her to the vet last Wednesday and had x-rays taken. She also has a very swollen abdomen which the vet palpated and said it was a possible impaction. I have attached photos of her xrays for your review. Her crop was also full every morning so we kept her on boiled egg yolk diet. Once her crop started to empty we moved her over to mash. She seemed to be doing much better with crop emptying out every morning and a full appetite and normal looking poops. Everything was on the up and up and we planned on releasing her back out in the yard tomorrow with the flock.. This morning she got out of the cage and had watery poop again. We decided to dose her with fendbendazole again and now she is not eating and is very lethargic. She has stopped eating today and is now just laying down and sleeping all day. Any feedback at all would be helpful. She has nibbled a couple times ans taken in some vitamin water but she seems to be declining. Also she hasn't popped much at all today and her abdomen is still very swollen. Not sure what to do as we were optimistic and now this.


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