Raccoon Avoiding Trip Pan in Trap for 1 Full Month

Oct 2, 2021
We are having a major raccoon problem in our yard. Two raccoons are coming nightly, eating our grapes and then using our side yard as their restroom. We have small kids and have had to keep them out of the yard so they don’t go near the feces and it’s getting really old. We’ve had two live traps set out for almost a month. We caught one raccoon the first week but the other two have come back every single night, enter the trap almost fully, steal what bait they can while avoiding the trigger pan and then leave. I’m at my wits end. Any tips or tricks for getting the raccoon to step on the trip pan? Are any other types of trapping methods legal in California? I need these guys gone. I’m losing my mind!

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Once trapped, raccoons are very smart about live traps. There are Duke traps that many people find effective, look them up. I think they can be ordered online.
Use a larger sized live trap, and tie the bait so it dangles over the plate, and add something heavy to hold the trap down, or block access around the baited end from the outside.
And only trap if you are then shooting whoever you catch!!!
There are pest control companies that will do all this for you, for a price.


Jul 27, 2019
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i use mono fishing line. drill a small hole in the trigger plate and tie line. put a hole in the tuna or cat food can and tie the other end short. Little coon hands pick the can up every time.

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