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Oct 23, 2021
Hi Everyone! I'm new to the group. And grateful for the help I've already received with trying to determine the breed of one of hen's. :)
I've raised chickens since 2017, Barred Rock, Buff Orpinghtons, Light Brahmas, RIR, Black Marans, California Whites, Wyandotte and then 1 crazy mysterious mix of maybe RIR and Thai game (Lol).

Currently I have 2 roosters (Black Maran and Light Brahma/Black Maran mix) and 5 hens (2 Cal whites, 1 Black Maran/Buff Orp mix, 1 Golden Wyndotte and 1 RIR/Thai Game mix)
I plan to increase my flock in the Spring 2022.

I raise chickens for eggs, and entertainment in watching them :).

I also have 2 horses, 2 donkeys, 1 dog and 2 cats. I live on 8 acres in Nor Cal.

I am blessed to work from home in the clinical research field.

I found BYC via Google search when trying to determine my hen's breed. ;) I'll add pics soon. Thanks for having me in the BYC group.!

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