sick 2 year old


Jul 27, 2019
Mississippi Gulf Coast
I'm not sure whats up. she was ok yesterday and sitting on the poop board this morning. Went to tsc and got eletrolytes and probiotics. I was going to get her to the holding cage/isolation and clean her up check her but she is down. Sitting on the floor and doesn't much want to hold her head up. I got a few syringes of electrolytes in her. if her has her head up in a few minutes i'll clean her vent and get her inside. there is some diarrhea or yeast infection as i see poopy but. I don't see any bloody poop on the poop board but some signs of diarrhea aka wet PZD spots. I have corid on hand.
I have shut the coop/run and isolated her from the other girls. Her comb is pale and curdled up.

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