Swollen Duck eye- How To Clean To Prevent Infection


Jul 10, 2015
Western Washington
I found one of my ducks had a swollen eye today. I have been trying to figure out a way to separate my males and females ( 3 of each). I noticed on girl was losing feathers from the back of her neck, so I went to the co-op to get more females, so when there were old enough I could put them in the pen and not have to keep my females and males separated for a long long time. Unfortunately, they were all straight run. Came home from that and noticed the girl with missing feathers had something wrong with her eye. I thought it was gone, but it was really swollen and looked sunken back in her head. I immediately separated her and put her in out extra bathroom. Gave her a shower (which she loves) and tried to get her settled in. We went out to get Vetericyn like everyone suggested. However, it's not eye specific but they said it can be used on eyes. I couldn't find anything else related to help her. If I keep her separated and use Vetericyn several times a day will this be enough? Her eye looked lots better after a shower, it is foamy ( her other eye is slightly foamy too, but also a tad swollen) I know it's because of the drakes being sexually aggressive and luckily she is acting fine. Scared right now, but otherwise fine. I feel so terrible :(


Oct 27, 2021
I came home to find my female rouen duck has a swollen eye. at first i thought the eye was gone but its just very swollen. there is discharge from the eye so i believe she must have gotten scratched. Can i use polysporin eye drops? just don't want it to get infected.
Hey there my two Rouen females have swollen foamy eyes can you please help me my email is [email protected]. My name is Andi.
thanks so much!!!


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Jan 3, 2010
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Hey there my two Rouen females have swollen foamy eyes can you please help me my email is [email protected]. My name is Andi.
thanks so much!!!
If it is fairly early in the condition, you can probably take care of it by gently rinsing their eyes with saline solution (there are recipes on byc or other online sites). You can add just a bit of apple cider vinegar to their drinking water as well (again, how much per gallon can be found on byc). I would do this for several days.

I would be extra sure to offer them fresh water daily or twice daily, scrub out their drinking water containers. If they do not have drinking water at night I would set up a watering station so they can have access to water 24/7 without getting the bedding all wet. You may already know ducks need enough water to wash their heads to prevent infection.

If it doesn't clear after a few days I would get help from a vet.

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I've used Veterycin many times in eyes and on the faces of my birds. Even myself when I got dust in my eye while cleaning the coop. It is safe.
For eye irritation rining in saline is good and if that doesn't clear it up Terramycin eye ointment will.
But also protecting your females from being overbred is very important. Most of us that have drakes with our females have to separate sometimes if things look to be getting out of hand. So if you need help figuring out how to do this give us a rundown on your set up and we'll try our best to help.
How many drakes to females do you have?

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