What to do with small bits left in feed?


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If they can't eat all the mash in one day then just save the dry powder and make only as much wet mash as they can eat.

Or do fermentation with it.

(I generally think that fermentation is too much bother, but I had a leak wet a full feeder so ended up with one batch. The chickens ate it over the course of several days.


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Apr 9, 2021
I'm sick of waste! What to do with those small tiny powdery bits leftover that chickens don't seem to want to eat?
Out of my 20kg feed bag there's at least 500g that chickens don't want to eat.
I have tried water/ making a mash with some and they eat about 20g out of the 80g I make up that day and I have to throw the rest out so it is freshly made the next day.
Any suggestions??
I mix in some oatmeal with water and throw some meal worms on top. They seem to love it because it’s all gone by the end of the day.

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I agree with mixing in some water to make a mash, but add a little egg yolk, to get them eating it. Do this for a few days until everyone is excited about the wet mash. Once everyone is into the wet mash, just slowly reduce the amount of egg yolk over the next few days until there is no longer a need for the egg yolk.
I ferment my feed but also have dry feed available. Once the dry feeder is down to just dust, I mix it with some water so that I have no wasted feed.


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I've heard of people mixing milk with the mash? Or mix it with yogurt, they'll love it.
If you have the crumble feed variety, maybe consider the pellets instead? Crumbles tend to make more dust. And if they don't want the mash, take their normal food away so that the mash is their only choice.
I was going to say that to mix with yogurt. I make my own yogurt and they loving it


Feb 15, 2021
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I can't get pellet version as it has anti cocci stuff in it I can't use for layers.
I give them the option of the powdery bits or the wet powdery version, they do prefer the wet version but that's their options so I can get rid of it without wasting it all. But still so much waste!
I haven't tried milk or yoghurt though so that might be my next option to try 😄
I don't know where you are in Australia but here on the gold coast you can get non medicated pellets

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