Where can i buy ducks during a pandemic?

Dunkin Ducks

May 6, 2018
I used to free-range my ducks but after dealing with predator attacks during the day time I decided to move my flock into a predator-proof pen now. I used 1/4 hardware cloth around the whole thing and built it on a concrete base (filled up with soil) so that nothing can dig underneath. Due to losing a few females from predators, the ones I have left are being over mated. I feel so bad for them and I think adding just 2 more females would help a lot. The problem is- everywhere I look ducks/ducklings seem to be sold out. I raise call ducks and east indies so I would have to get a bantam breed and I think that's making my search a bit harder. Breeders only seem to sell in pairs, and adding another drake would make things worse. Does anyone know where I can get call ducks, east indies, or even mini appleyards? It doesn't matter what color they are or if they're show quality or not. They just have to be female. I live in the corner of NJ/PA/NY and I am willing to travel or pay for shipping. Thank you!


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Jun 11, 2020
In our area, Craig's List is a popular place to find all kinds of different Poultry and other farm animals listed in the Farm+Garden section. Good Luck! :)
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