White inner membrane?


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Oct 7, 2014
It's about day 20 on my hatch, so I'm not too concerned about not hatching yet. But, I am considered about my humidity dipping to 35ish(lower than what it was though most of the incubation!) while I was asleep. Probably for hours. This has been remedied with a different water dish and the humidity has between 60-75 humidity since this morning. Also, I incubate in a small bathroom that I can up the humidity in the room rather quickly if I really need to open the incubator. That's what I did this morning as I was dealing with the incubator humidity.

One egg I was partially worried about (weird long shape, big air cell) got a small breathing hole as a precaution after the humidity incident this morning. I figured I'd candle the little one while I was at it and I noticed the inner membrane, the part they peck through for an internal pip, was white, leathery and seemed a little tight around the chick. The membrane the chick externally pips seems similar, white and leathery, but I'm sure that's normal.

By the time I normally see the internal membrane(zipping & almost out) it's quite moist looking and kind of see through. Should I be concerned about the apprentice of the membrane? Or is that how it's supposed to look before internal pipping? Could the big and long drop in humidity have doomed my hatch?


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7 Years
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
Until the chick has pipped externally there isn't any danger in a dip in humidity. I've even had a chick pip externally earlier than I anticipated when the humidity was still around 30% and it carried on to hatch out just fine.

It's only if the membrane is turning yellow or brown that you need to be concerned about it.

Good luck with the hatch.

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