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So last night my son was outside riding his power wheel truck and accidentally ran over one of our baby pullets. The pullet laid on the ground for a while and i thought the chick was dead but he or she was still breathing just very heavily. the chick has a spot on his head that had blood around it and the chick would not lift up his or her head. So i got a box and put the chick in the box with a blanket. My husband kept saying the pullet was dead but if you shook the box the chick would move a little. I brought the chick inside the house in the box and he or she laid there for a while not moving well the chick finally started to move and sat up right like a normal chick would well i gave it a little water and the chick drank some. He or she moved around a couple more times in the box. When my husband came home from working he said that the chickens legs were broke. I don't know what to do. Will someone please help me. This is my first chicken ever and I don't it to die.

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Here is a link that should tell you pretty much everything.
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