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Injured hen what to do to wound.

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I don't have pictures yet, but my young hen got her side ripped open by my young roo, I was wondering if nu-stock would work on the wound, has anyone used it successfully? If yes, do I close her wound and apply? With triple antibiotic ointment or no? Should I close the wound with superglue or sew it shut? Sewing it I am not sure how well that would go with me, but she's my girl, I need to make sure she's ok.
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How fresh is the wound? Usually with a dirty wound, I would say to leave it open, and flush the wound with betadine. Then use plain antibiotic ointment such as bacitracin or neosporin. Vetericyn Wound Spray is good too, but pricey. If you clean it well, you could sew it up, but there can be a chance of infection or abscess. Do you have a local vet who could do it for you? Most wounds like this heal well, but it takes a couple of weeks, and she would need to be separated for a couple of days. Then if a little TShirt or hen aprom/saddle would cover it, you could put her back in the flock. I am a fan of using a dog crate or cage with food and water to keep them with the flock, but protected. Watch out for flies, since they can cause maggot infestation. First thing you should do is to file down those rooster spurs. Let us know how she gets along. Here are similar threads to yours to read:

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It's pretty fresh. I've flushed it with saline and it has a bit of a tear in the skin. It's long but not too terribly bad. I was wondering if the nu-stock is good for them, reading some posts it seems it might. I do have a vet I can take her to, just worried about the cost. My friend helped sew up a hen last year, but that whole situation was sad and I almost lost the girl when the wound wouldn't close because she wouldn't stay still. I'm wondering if I can use nu-stock on my roos infected eye. I've been cleaning it/ flushing it and putting triple antibiotic ointment on it. I will keep you updated on Ghost, my little girl.
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Recently I put stitches in my husband's bad hand laceration at home, and amazingly it didn't get infected, even though there was dirt in it. I like Nustock for many things like pecking or minor scrapes, fungal infections, and others, but it shouldn't be used in an open wound or in or around eyes. Bacitracin or plain neopsorin, betadine, chlorhexidene, and Vetericyn are all good for wounds. Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment is good for eye wounds or infections. Vetericyn is a brand name, but there may be other brands similar.
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Thank you for the info
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You're welcome. Keep us posted on how she is doing.

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She is doing wonderful. Occasionally will pick at the scab. I put some of the nustock and it keeps her from picking at it. She looks wonderful. I made her a saddle for when she is fully healed.
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