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So sad. It sounds like you have been trying very hard to save it.

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-White- is gone, 12 week old White Plymoth Rock.
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So sorry about your loss of White.
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Hi,, one of my birds has an injured wing (it's in her "armpit"). Fatty tissue exposed, no blood or infection. I soaked it, put chamomille n lavender essential oil (great antimicrobials) on it n globbed on some triple abx ointment. If I can, I will get a picture of it.. I would isolate her, but nobody is pecking at her (she da boss😄 ) n she can flap her wings just fine (a little droop in that wing, but I think it's just guarding, not loss of fx). She spent the evening in my lap inside our home, but I put her back out w the others n will CK on her in am. I think she may have fallen off their roost n it tore her skin there....
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