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What a great chart. You obviously put some time into it. Thanks for sharing it with us. I would add my experiences to a couple of differences on it;  Half my Barnies go broody. It's fall and I have one in the broody breaker as we speak. She was a terrific mom. I had to steer clear of her, couldn't get near the chicks at all. for a shy timid hen, she was fierce. the other one I let have chicks was kind of aloof with her chicks and by 5 weeks she was done with them. So, Barnies go broody. 

EE's. yes, they are skiddish on the most part, although one of mine likes to jump in my lap on occasion or shoulder and just watch. I don't mind, I don't handle my chickens much. But, maybe it's which hatchery you get them from, but mine are little laying machines of large(larger than my barnies) blue/green eggs. They lay almost every day, say 5 days a week on average. Even during the molt and and an outbreak of Fowl Pox, they were about the only eggs I'd get. True, they didn't lay as much, but my Barnies almost a dead stop. Yes, they dropped off some, buy not like the others.  My husband loves the eggs the best, they crack beautifully. One of the 2 I have went broody, although she was half into it. 

Like I said, the quality of the eggs and size may be from the hatchery you got them from.  I got all mine from Ideal. 

So as far as I can see, the rest seem spot on. I think in the future am contemplating more of a Mediterranean bird. I live in Central TX and it get darn hot here. My birds egg laying drops significantly. Mostly in the Barnies, even though they seemed to handle the heat the best. EE's, laid well, but struggled in the heat. Specks had the hardest time in the heat, but laid well. I worried and fretted over them. I am a worrier and don't like to. Needless to say, our water bill was rather high the month of Aug from misters going and my hubby was not happy when he saw the bills. 

So, the scoop from Ideal Hatchery,

EE's large and 5 daw.

Barnies large and 4

Specks, med and 4 to 5. My Specks lay pretty good, I was disappointed a bit in the size, and I have to make sure they get egg shells or they will lay soft or thin shelled eggs. Again, most likely the hatchery.

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Really appreciate your info/charts. You have made it possible for me to make my mind up on my final decision of which breed to go with. Many thanks!
V. Schmidt
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I have bookmarked " and I get the message "

This site is temporarily unavailable


If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact iPage directly." You had created the most comprehensive/useful chart  that I have been able to find. I've recommended it to chicken lovers all over facebook. Can I find it somewhere else? under a different www. ? I am so grateful that you have taken the time and effort to make this chart. It contains all the pert innate information. Can I buy a copy of it? I don't have alot of money but your chart saves me money in having the knowledge to buy chickens that will fit in my situation. Thank you, Susan Colegrove AKA Funkie Chichen.

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Thanks so much for this!!  I was actually about to try to make one, but there is just so much information to put on there, it was intimidating!

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