4X8 easy to build (and safe)

By Banty-Shanty · Mar 28, 2013 · Updated Apr 4, 2013 ·
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    Describe: 4X8' easy to build (and safe) My coop design keeps my little bantams safe from our dogs and other potential predators. I am a 60+ woman and was able to build it mostly by myself.
    Needed: 4, 8ft posts
    3 pieces of 2x 8" roofing panels 2 are aluminum and one in middle is clear plastic)
    6 ft pieces of dog eared fencing. (This amount will vary according to how large the windows are)
    Studs for horizontal supports
    1/2 in hardware cloth wire for windows
    Door on side is narrow with spring closure and gate latch.
    Tools: skill saw and battery screwdriver drill, various lengths dry-wall screws (lots of them)
    whatever materials for interior box.... I found a large doll house at thrift store that hangs on wall for nest boxes
    Floor is dirt and sawdust
    During cold spells I hang plastic over windows'
    Chickens have plenty of light and I have a wire pen for outside foraging.
    The drywall screws make building simple compared to a hammer and nails. All these materials are light except fpr corner posts that were set in place in hole filled with cement. They could be done with dirt and lots of tamping.
    The good thing about this is it the windows are up high enough to keep dogs and other animals from tearing the wire.
    Well, you get the idea!

    PS...would like to post photos of my Banty-Shanty but don't see how to do that here.May be I will learn how...I am new to this blog.

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