A Chicken Palace Quailcreekfarms Chicken Coop

By QuailCreekFarm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. QuailCreekFarm
    We found ourselves the proud owners of chickens, but we had no coop.
    We also had no experience in construction or farming. Soooo, we bought a bunch of books of coop designs, a couple books on general construction techniques and headed off to the lumber yard.
    I gave the salesman a list of what I wanted. He looked it over and asked what it was for. "A chicken coop," I responded. "That's no chicken coop," he replied. "It's a chicken palace."
    I don't know if our nine chickens agree, but they don't complain too much.
    Here's the finished coop.
    The coop half finished.
    Chickie is the big guy.

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