A Ranch Coop

  1. goodmorningtx




    It's 4x6 and 5ft. tall. We have used this design on our free-range chickens at north-east Texas for years, and we like it very much.

    It has three full size side doors.
    It has two at the bottom for chickens to go in and out- when they're free ranging during the day.
    and you can set the other big side door up and lock at a position to give your birds a very save and interesting roosting place to hang around.

    We love the frond and end windows- one of them is the "egg door". to reach two nests for the eggs.
    Two roost bars are 10 feet long together.

    This coop is good for 8-10 free range chickens. Or six hens-if you keeping them in the coop all the time.

    Very protective coop. we have never had any predators get into this coop.

    We move the whole coop twice a week, so our birds can always have the clean fresh grass ground, and to protect the lawn. The big runner and the handles help a lot when moving around.

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  1. blessedchick
    What a great looking, functional coop!
  2. Stumpy
    How nice! Would you mind showing more photos, including the interior? I am trying to find the right tractor design for my neighbor.

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