Virtual Reality Photos of Our Coop

These no longer work on this site, you have to click the links below. They are interactive 360° panoramic images, you can click and drag your mouse around to look around.

The whole thing is 4'W x 12'L x 6+'H, the henhouse is about 4' x 4' x 4'. it was made 'modular' so i could expand it if (when) we end up getting more chickens. it grew from a few sketches into this rather fancy thing and in some ways i regret the complexity of it, but when i clean it and all the doors open, the floor of both the henhouse and the storage come out, and the nest boxes completely disassemble (including removable floors) i'm glad i took the time to make it the way i did.

run - ( fullscreen version click here )
this is from 'chicken' level
henhouse - ( fullscreen version click here )
run - ( fullscreen version click here
this is from about my eye level