The Little Coop in Alton
Not bad for my first try saw this design in many places on the internet and kinda adapted it for my own desires. Paint first if the weather will allow it put the girls in it already
they are only about 3 to 4 weeks at least that is our guess got them from TSC. 10 Asst Pullets, 6 New Hampshire Reds, and 4 feature breads (easter eggs). Took the lights
out at 6 weeks they seem to be doing great.
Thanks MOM for the Silhouette (RIP)

End of our first week Bottom insulated and secured The girls have a new home

The reason we do what we do


Our Grandson age 3.5


How fast they grow


A big Welcome to the Cock of the Walk and the
Lady that keeps him in line
Big Al and Tammy