Amish-made. Already want a bigger one!

Got this coop built by local Amish for a reasonable price. Can walk in to clean and scoop poo, has 4 nest boxes, two windows with screens that can be closed/locked and a pop door. Came unpainted.
Since getting it we built a run, added two roosts to the one already there, added 3 pvc feeders, filled it with sand and painted it red.
I still want to paint the trim white, get some cover for the run and open the nest boxes once the girls get a little bigger! I’m also planning to link their run to our nearby garden in the fall to let them dig up all the old plants for us!!!

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Love your coop. We got a mennonite made one locally, already painted. It's not a walk in (though I wish it was - pretty pricey the bigger ones), but small enough to get to the farthest corners to clean out with a broom. We covered the top of their run with hardware cloth and put some tin roofing over a third of it for shade and cover in the winter. What type of sand are you using?

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