ARIZONA - St. Johns, AZ and Apache County, AZ ordinances

By ckhd · Nov 27, 2018 ·
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    ItemSt. JohnsApache County
    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYESYES
    Max Chickens Allowed No restrictionsNo Restrictions
    Roosters Allowed?No RestrictionsNo restrictions
    Permit required?No No
    Coop RestrictionsCoops/pens are required, free-ranging not allowed (2014 City Code § 6-1-5)
    Must be kept clean (2014 City Code § 6-1-6)
    Coops/pens must be at least 50 feet from any adjacent residential property line § 403(A)(2)
    City/Organization ContactCity of St. Johns
    PO Box 455/ 70 E. Commercial
    St. Johns, AZ 85936
    PH: 928-337-4517
    Community Development
    PO Box 238
    St. Johns, AZ 85936
    75 West Cleveland
    Phone: (928) 337-7526
    Additional InformationWhile chickens (including roosters) are allowed, 2014 City Code § 6-1-4 says it is unlawful to have any animals that have "unreasonable odors" or make "loud noises". It is possible you can have a rooster "impounded" for crowing, or lose a court case because of it.This is for unincorporated and non-reservation areas of Apache County.
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