Hastad Produce
- Chickens, Eggs, Quilts, Crafts, Computer Repair -


We are the Hastad's, Paul and Connie, happy little farmers from Iowa.
Paul is a relocated Minnesota native, Farmer by birth, Computer repair and programmer by trade.
Connie is a homemaker. The Chickens are hers...and only hers.


Connie started with 5 little chicks sold her by a friend.

She took over an unused Hog Feeder
and converted it into a small chicken coop in 2009.

( See below what became of this coop in the Spring of 2011)

Then, her obsession grew... and she took over an abandoned Farrowing building...
Rebuilt it...

and the Chickens started moving in... some, before she was ready.


This hen is now known as "Greenie"
for the lovely shade of green paint
she got into when the nesting area was being painted.

And Now, in the Spring of 2011, my Dear Wife is unstoppable... Even taking over my garage for a brooder.............

Oh, But what's this?, Her little Coop has gone missing! Hah! I moved it! Can you see it? Just peeking out from the front corner of the big hen house? And look at the great mess I left behind for that Dear Wife to clean up!

Ah, there it is...Just where she wanted it. On the other side of the big Hen House, along with a lot of junk I have to move. But, let's just see what she does with that coop now that she has it where she wants it!

OK, so she put up a gate, but that isn't gonna keep in chickens! and what about getting it up off the ground? (yeah, yeah, I know, my junk is still there...don't nag, I'll get it out sometime.)

Hah!, says Connie, I got that thing up off the ground and put up a fence...all by myself! I used DH's floor jack and a car bumper jack, and up it went! I only dropped it once. Just waiting on the mobile home skirting from Mom's place to finish round the bottom, then paint!

Oops! I guess I just couldn't wait, the occupants are here! 7 week old chickens, getting aquainted with the new digs. There are 6 hens that will go to Mom's place later in the Spring, and 7 roosters. Will be Cornish X added in later. This is to be my Meatie Coop.

Sand under the roost, hay everywhere else. Loving my relocated little coop!

Stay tuned for further installments of Connie's Follies!!


2011 Spring Chicks at 5 weeks old...


I hate chickens..but I LOVE Connie...and I love eating chicken and eggs.
So the Chickens stay...but only as long as Connie lives.
Which had best be a very, very long time.