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These are my polish bantam hens, HARMONY, SYMPHONY, MELODY! Purchased from Cynthia Smith.. HEEEEERRRRRES HARMONY! MELODYYYY!!! SYMPHONY!!!!! ) HERES MY BOY, Johann Sebastian BOCK! (from Michelle Shannon) Yes, he has a lopsided crest, Half got chewed off plus hes molting!
For 4h I am breeding polish bantams. I have 2 white crested chocolate hens, 1 white crested blue frizzle hen, and a white crested black cockeral. Smiths Wonderful Harmony! white crested chocolate Harmony is 2 years old Awards: BV at the Puyallup Fair and SW WA fair this year, BB at Stevenson in April, Res. Ch. AOCCL at Stevenson in October Smiths Wonderful Melody white crested chocolate Melody is 1 year old and has never been shown Smiths Wonderful Symphony white Crested blue frizzle...
Bath time for my silly polish bantams Melody and Symphony, AKA the trouble twins!
I am an average Washingtonian country girl with a flock Of chickens that I absolutely adore! <3 Here is my flock!!!

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