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There here! They are just so sweet! HATCHING CHICKS! ASK ME ABOUT AN ORDER! I do not ship eggs are chicks at this time.
March 23, 2009 Single Comb Brown Leghorn Pullets! We now have on 4 hens of the original batch! Granddaughter helping Granddad build the coop! Ordered 25 from Mcmurry's 5 arrived D.O.A, 3 the next day! We wont make that mistake again! Week one and we are all doing fine! 18 Pullets and 2 special yellow ones ... most likely cockels!
BAD EGGS! I got these from a women named (@###%%^) ask me ... I'll tell you! ... they where such weird shaps and very dirty ... nothing like she says she has ... and out of 18 eggs ... only 4 hatched! NO, it wasn't me ... 23 out of 26 of mine hatch with not problems in the same conditions .... her chicks I had to cull all 4 ... 2 had no feather legs ... and the other 2 had so much white on them and mossy feathers! Don't buy from people on Ebay ... who say they are VP of a Club!

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