Articles from Hummer

The front of our chicken coop The side view of our chicken coop with easy access to nesting boxes without having to go inside the pen. The back view of our chicken pen. Back of Coop opens into grazing pen
Garden Pics were taken a couple of years ago when it was real dry - Grass looks pretty bad - will post better garden pics soon.
Buff Brahma Bantam Chicks (1st 2 Images) and Auracana Bantam Chicks (2nd 2 Images) Blue Cochin Bantam Chicks Golden-laced Cochin Bantam Chicks
Blue Cochin Pullet 6.5 wks Very Friendly Blue Cochin Cockerel 6.5 weeks (Not sure if he would be considered self-blue) Blue Cochin Pullet & Golden Buff Brahma 6.5 wks - Not quite as friendly as Cochin - but becoming friendlier everyday. (feeding bread helps!) Laced Cochin Cockerel

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