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Here's how it looked when we started. Daisy inspects our work. The girls in their new home. Inside the coop. The nest boxes. The girls enjoy a snack in their new home. Daisy says, "Can we go feed the chickens now?"
Karen's Chick Pics After the difficult journey from Ohio to Alabama and a brief stay at the Riverchase post office, my chicks arrived. 1,2,3,4,5 chickens in this little box. Looks like they all made it! This is Chickasaw Peckahontas Chikfila Eggbirda and Marsala. Welcome home little chickens.
The chicks first adventure to the outside world. Hey, what's this green stuff? Can we eat it? Dino Dixie Chicks watch as their condo coop is constructed. Don't mess with us dino dixie chicks. Hey, can we eat that camera? Daisy meets the chickens. She was calm until they started flapping around, then she wanted to eat them.
The First Year (We made it!) My "girls" are a little over a year old now and doing well. We did lose our big dominant Buff Orp, Peckahontas, though. She got into some fungicide coated seed and, being the top hen, she kept it all to herself. The symptoms didn't show up for about a week and we thought maybe it was sour crop. The helpful people on BYC forum told us how to treat it, but none of that worked. She finally passed away on a Thursday and is buried in the backyard near her sister's...

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