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My Pet Chickens YouTube Videos- [URL][/URL] Chicken Type: MIXS 3 chickens that lay eggs will be on this chart Born: 5/25/15 6/4/15 passed away 2016 2 born in the spring of 2016 Started Laying 2015: 12/28/15 Started Laying 2016: ? Started Laying 2017: 1/3/17 Eggs This Year 2015: 1 Eggs This Year 2016: 197 Eggs This Year 2017: 1 Total 199 Molts: 11/1/16 Times Broody: 0 Chicks Hatched:0 Own eggs Hatched:0 Tried:0...
1/25/10 to 3/9/10 Nava chickenwhisperer123 BarkerChickens Cloverleaf Farm NarutoTn El Wyondette OverEggstended toejam lex381 Blackbird12 Chicky Tocks chickeypeep101 mamawolf544 barred-rocks-rock Voted out 1.chickenwhisperer123 2.toejam 3.barred-rocks-rock 4.NarutoTn 5.lex381 The jury 1.Blackbird12 2. mamawolf544 3.Chicky Tocks 4.OverEggstended 5. BarkerChickens 6.chickeypeep101 7.Nava Final 2 1.El Wyondette 2.Cloverleaf Farm Winner 1.El Wyondette
My Pet Ducks Videos- [URL][/URL] Oreo hatched: 7/13/15 Duck Type: Rouen/Pekin MIX Started Laying 2016: 1/3/16 Started Laying 2017: ? Eggs This Year 2016: 64 Eggs This Year 2017: 0 Total:64 Molts: none Times Broody: 0 Eggs Hatched: 0 Own eggs Hatched:0 Tried: 0 Days Broody: 0 Rouen and Pekin Hatched 9/13/14 Duck Type: Rouen Started Laying 2014: 4/4/14 Started Laying 2015: 3/3/15 Started Laying 2016:...
Survivor Backyard ChickensTribes You will divided into two teams called tribes. Challenges As a team you will work on knowledge quizzes or ruddle the first team to get it right you will win the challange. whole team will be safe from getting voted out Merges When the merge happens each player is on their own that means not more tribes And will work to not get voted out by winning challenges. Tribal Council If your tribe won the challenge you cannot get voted out. If it’s the...
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Give me anything and Ill grow But if you give me water I will shurely die... First team to get it right wins and is safe for getting voted out


Today is Day 0 Of Survivor BackYard Chickens
Tribal Council If your tribe won the challenge you cannot get voted out. If it’s the merges anyone can get voted out out exept the winner of the challenge. The jury If you were voted out during the merge you our in the jury that means you will vote for the winner of the game at the end of the game. There will be a poll with people's name in it vote for the person you want out of the game.
Green Tribe 1.michaelmay26 2.WoodChic 3.Cloverleaf Farm 4.tigerrrrrrrlilly 5. 6. Brown Tribe 1.Chickenfur 2.stumble_n_mumble 3.Nava 4. 5. 6. Voted out 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Merge 1. 2. 3. 4 5. Final 2 1. 2. Winner 1.
Incubated Hatched 400 186 Longest hatch: 29 Days -Ducks Shortest Hatch: 19 Days- Chickens Eggs hatched Chicken, Ducks and Bob White Quail
Monday-Challenge Tuesday-Vote Wensday- next person voted out Thursday-Challenge Friday-Vote Saturday-next person voted out Sunday-none

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