Boot Camp Oneway - Freezer Camp Prep, No Egg Butts Allowed!

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    So my fiance and I had just gotten done a favor for a friend of mine by putting together two tractor supply coops. That was the easy part. As payment she gave us nearly plum near 30 birds pullets, cockerels and young cocks. There was one problem. We didn't have an extra coop for just the boys. So James and I spent three days planning, trouble shooting and building something to house the adults plus my extra drakes and guinea cocks. For now the coop part is small to start we are planning on expanding the coop before winter hits. Right now its an old well pump house converted into a temp coop. Dimensions are, 4x4x4.5.
    Right now there are quite a few boys in Boot Camp Oneway -Freezer Camp Prep, no Egg Butts Allowed.

    1 Barred Rock, Plymouth. Plymouth had gone stupid with hormones right before the run and coop fix were done. So James and I made the hard choice and moved him there, still sweet to people but picked to many squabbles with my well mannered cockerels.
    3 English Orpingtons
    1 Australorp
    1 Light Brahma cross
    3 Cross breeds, we were given for a butcher job but these lads got off easy for a while due to being to small to harvest right now.

    Drakes, 2 Rouens, 1 Ancona, 2 Khaki Camobells, 3 Indian Runners (selling the runners)

    And soon to be 2 guinea cockerels. Out of 7 adults I have 4 cockerels.

    Onto the run. James his dad and I built 5 8x5.5 panels one of those being the main door into the run. The last wall is a 4x5.5 which butts against the well pump house.

    9/1/2017 - 9/3/2017
    Materials this far.
    40 2x3s costing $.50 each at Habitat for Humanity, total $20
    2, 50' x 3' with 2" hole chicken wire, each roll cost $10
    3 powder coated tin roof, FREE
    2 boxes of 3 inch screws, $10 all together
    5 Reused deck boards, FREE
    1, 6x8.5 blue tarp, temp until we can find more tin
    1 well pump house bought earlier this year for, $40

    Roughly $40 in materials

    The Panels
    IMG_20170901_123826_hdr.jpg IMG_20170901_123818_hdr.jpg IMG_20170901_123810_hdr.jpg IMG_20170901_123805_hdr.jpg

    Putting it together Sunday Morning and Afternoon
    IMG_20170903_145732_hdr.jpg IMG_20170903_145741_hdr.jpg
    Just for the panels it took us two days we fought with rain hitting.
    The screen had to be the easiest part. Cutting the 2x3s with an old battery was a headache for sure. On Sunday morning James and I loaded up his pickup and hauled everything to the coop site next to my rabbit hutches.
    We finally finished at dusk on Sunday evening when we were to pick up the new crew. We are happy how it turned out, I just wish we had more time to make a larger coop for the boys, something as wide as their run. But for now it will have to do. Everyone seems to get along. I have since added wood stumps for playing and hang corn cobs for them.
    IMG_20170904_181521_hdr.jpg IMG_20170904_181529_hdr.jpg IMG_20170906_074301.jpg IMG_20170906_074315.jpg

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    The pictures and text gave me plenty to work from so I could easily recreate this myself. Nicely done.
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    Article is solid for building a pen and coop for meat chickens.


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