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By boskelli1571 · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Apr 12, 2013 ·
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    Hello there,
    My partner & I live on 15 acres in rural upstate NY. We have been here for just over two years, so we are still getting up to speed with our project list. We share our home with 3 cats & 2 Beagles. Our ornamental pond is home to 'Norman' the psychopathic goldfish & his extended family (apologies to Hitchcock).
    We lost two of our ladies over the summer, one to rats and the other just keeled over, unknown cause. We have a mix of Rhode Island Red, Welsummers, Delaware Whites and one Dominique. They have supervised free range, but tend to lie around in the barn most of the time, sunbathing I think! Next year will see the addition of more birds (RIRs' & Doms) once the coop extension is built. We added a rooster to our small flock this past March and the girls seem more adventurous now. Fred is fitting in well, he is a handsome Speckled Sussex fellow.
    The veggie garden is a work in progress. We have some raised beds & dug areas. The ground is old horse pasture, so should be full of goodies. We had tried a small garden last year - the bunnies loved it! The Beagles have significantly reduced that problem, but we still have to fence in the veggies. During the colder months, the deer love it too.....
    The bee hives are built (top bars), awaiting the bees this April. We have recently seen a black bear in the area, so are keeping our fingers crossed that he doesn't bother the hives.....
    I have found the peeps at BYC to be veritable mines of info. so any suggestions/comments wil be warmly received. Stay happy & healthy, Sue

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