Brooklyn Chicken Crib

By PLATTZOLOV · Jul 22, 2012 · ·
    Riding the wave of urban chicken farmers, this small chicken palace (3x3") sits within a 4x4x8' run.

    Home to 4 chickens, it features 3 access points (side door, egg door, and full drop-down back door access for easy cleaning) and a retractable roof for breezy ventilation on hot days.

    Super-secret key feature inside: the natural-birch roost has a floating floor below it to catch chicken poop from above without soiling their eating area below.

    Materials on this were about $400.[​IMG]


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  1. jeffreypresley
    I love it! I'm looking to build a new coop soon for my Brooklyn Chickens, I'll keep this one in mind!

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