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    .I am a mother to 3 wonderful boys. We have 2 cats, and 7chickens

    I also have a wonderful husband that tolerates us all.

    Our Family Coop



    Our Chickens

    Ladies sitting in window. Ms. Marley - Black Copper Marans.


    . Rose - Rhode Island Red Daisy - Easter Egger. (R.I.P.)


    Shady - Easter Egger. Blue Bell - Blue Marans.​

    Mabel (surroget Buff Orpington) and 3 Marans chicks. Whitey Ford (splash marans) fighting for chick rights with Marley
    Kept Blue Copper Marans-Blue Bell (pullet) and rehomed 2 Black Copper Marans (cockerals). (Three chicks: 2 pullets (one wellsummer, one blue laced wyondotte) 1 cockerel (blue laced wyondotte)

    Three chicks below growing up (the three that are under Whitey Ford and Marley shown above):

    Thanks for visiting.

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  2. hipphopanimal
    do you have some detailed pictures of how you built it?

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