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By wanted · Jun 14, 2012 · ·
  1. wanted
    Dear community,

    My name is Chris and today I want to introduce to you my newest chicken coop! I built this chicken coop together with my friend and we are really happy with the result. Before we started with building a chicken coop we searched the world wide web for modern chicken coop plans. We it was really hard to find them. I know that there are tons of free plans all over the net but the quality of these plans isn´t the best.

    Finally we had our plan and we started our work. First of all we bought all the materials and decided where we want to build our chicken coop. After a few minutes we found the right place and started our work. This is a picture of our chicken coop after the first 2 days:


    At the end of the week our chicken coop looked like this:


    It is really hard to work to build a chicken coop but I think that the most important thing is to have a plan! If you have the right plan you won´t forget something and you won´t have to make changes afterwards. I have fun with creating such a coop but I only have fun when everything is working the way it should work. On the next week we started with the walls! My wife helped us with the walls and it was quit funny to have a female person in our round.


    As you can see most of the work (outside) was already done. We only had to finish the roof and that´s it. On the next picture you will see what our chicken coop looks like when it is finished:


    That´s it. Of course everything inside the walls need to be done. We already started our work but we aren´t finished yet for 100%! I will show you a few pictures from inside:


    We are really proud of this chicken coop! What do you guys think? What can be improved? What should we change? I hope to see a few comments.

    If you have a question feel free to ask me! I will answer you as good as I can ;)
    Have a nice day guys!


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  1. wanted
    Thankcyou judyki2004. Well to be honest a lot of people tell me I can sleep there. Anyway now it is winter and I am planning a new chicken coop for one of my friends. You can stay up to date here:
  2. judyki2004
  3. Pluckychick
    Wow , put a bed in there and charge some rent ..LOL ,, Great coop !!!!
  4. wanted
    Thank you guys for your opinions! Yeah I worked together with my friend about 4 weeks for this coop!
    I am really really proud of it! Maybe a litte bit too big cause we only have about 10 chickens right now but well they love it and I am sure I will get a few more within the next months ;)
  5. Stumpy
    That is a very nice coop! I really like the way the roof overhangs so far and the door is very attractive.
  6. duckielover98
    i would be full of joy if i built that nice i would build that to live in or to rent out
  7. The Old Yolks
    Really nice coop. Looks like a cabin someone would rent for a weekend retreat. Excellent job. Love it1
  8. joan1708
    I would be overjoyed and proud of that coop too! very nice!

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