Cachickennewbees Chicken Coop

Nice looking coop and a good job of making it look nice and coordinate with the rest of the structures. The construction photos are good for inspiration but the details of the build are lacking a bit. I think it would be hard for someone to use the article to duplicate the build.. There are some neat details like the window shutters and the chicken door but no details about how to build them or how they work. i.e. the chicken door obviously slides in the groove made of 1x2s but is there a way to open it without going into the run? and. what holds it open? these are details an amature builder could find helpful. I like the fact that you share some stories about how the chickens decided to use the coop as opposed to how you envisioned it too, I think many of us can relate.
This is alright for dry moderate climates. I would be concerned about snow load with the unconventional framing and OSB sides. The overall layout looks good!
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