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By caohorse · Mar 23, 2013 · Updated Aug 5, 2013 · ·
  1. caohorse
    hi! I'm caohorse. i just started swapping, and have yet to do my first swap! i will post pictures of my stuff soon.Side swaps always welcome! :)

    1st item:i draw many pencil drawings of people's chickens! all you have to do is send me a pm with a photo of your chicken. it will be drawn in the post in the picture. i will try my best to capture every detail of your chicken. please let me know if you want or do not want my signature on it.NOTE:the "13" i put after my name on my signature is for 2013, not because im 13. haha lots of people ask me that.[​IMG]

    2nd item: i occasionally make batches of apple butter. sometimes i will have jars and sometimes i wont. be sure to let me know if you want to swap for some so i can see if i have any left

    3rd item: i have a collection of breyer horse models and have some for sale. please pm me for availability.

    4th item: i sell handmade, breyer horse tack. i do halters and bridles. they are almost lsq but arent proven yet. i have grograin, and ribbon. they
    are all ajustable and come with buckles. pm me for colors, and styles

    5th item: i draw many equine drawings. again, i need a photo of your horse's markings and pose. this will be in pencil. i dont do color anymore.[​IMG]

    6th item: i make organic, fresh baked horse treats that your horses will go CRAZY for. they are made with organic, steel cut oats, organic, fair trade molasses, and all organic, local ingredients depending on the flavor you choose.
    flavors: Apple, Carrot, Original(lasts way longer)

    sizes: large cookies, small cookies
    All treats come in quart sandwich bags

    7th item: i bake treats like cookies and brownies for those who live in near me in california. i can make sugar free and organic versions.

    8th item: i have jars of delicious homemade preserved salsa

    9th item: i have jars of preserved pineapple-apricot jam/preserves.

    10th item: for those interested, i have one jar of homemade apple syrup. this is great on pancakes and waffles

    golden seabrights
    blue splash silkies
    lavender orpingtons
    blue orphingtons
    blue copper marans
    gold laced polish
    any color polish

    any chickens that are a shade of lavender or blue!

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  1. The Bantam Guy
    the eggs (fertilized)
  2. The Bantam Guy
    i do have a lavender orpingtons but its a bantam is that ok? (i wana trade for a drawing or apple butter) IDK yet
  3. caohorse
    haha i could make you a batch in exchange for gettting me a broody hen. do you know anyone else in slo that might have one?
  4. roostersandhens
    hhhmmmm... I'll have to think about thosehorse treats, my goats love horse treats. I live in SLO so....

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