The construction process:

Borrowed tools - 1 drill, 1 circular saw, 1 wood/metal power saw ("sawzall"...thanks Makita for making a quality product), 1 metal shear (powered)
Leftover/surplus materials - 2.5" screws (200?), 2X4s (20?), pole barn exterior metal scrap (96" long by whatever width was needed and slice off the excess), 1 used 12X12 chain-link dog run, 1x2s (4?), 2x2s (2?), 1.5" nails (20?), assorted scrap pieces of wood and metal, 1.5" pole barn metal roofing screws (with rubber washers for sealing against the rain, 40?), plumbers tape (to fasten the dog run to the coop, 3 feet?), 2 brass hinges
Purchased - 8 4X8 exterior plywood sheets, 3 hinges, 1 dry humor hunting sign
What I provided - 1 hammer, 1 9/16th wrench, 2 small ladders, 1 plastic patio chair, 10' of yellow plastic rope burned off with a mapp gas torch, blood sweat and tears, small bouts of cursing, 3 tiny helpers aged 7,6 and 4, 1 marital painting forewoman to reach the high spots the workers could not reach, 1 father in law that I asked many questions of and who helped us attach the run to the coop. NO, I could NOT have done it without them. (Except the ornery beagle who watched us work)

Total out of pocket cost from purchased materials only (and the plywood was 90% of the expense), roughly $161