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  1. Fertile Liza
    • This is our coop The Chick-Inn. We built it over a month with culled lumber from Lowe's. Its 7'high 4' wide & 8'long. We used cement footings with a sub floor of 3/4 " OSB Then we put a 3/4" layer of foam insulation and topped it off With another layer of OSB. We then framed The building and put up 3/4 inch OSB walls. We also put on a sloping roof And we added 4 working windows for extra ventilation we have vents cut out on the top end of each side of the Inn. We put Linoleum flooring in for easy clean up And we have poop bars under the roosting bars to catch their droppings. We built an attached Chicken run that is 4' wide 7' long and 4' high. This is not Their exclusive Outdoor space as they are allowed to be free range during the day a lot because I am retired. They have constant access to food and fresh water and plenty of bushes to hide in around the fenced in back Yard. We put in asphalt roof On top of the Chicken coop And we put drip edge around the corners in under the edges of the Roof so the water will run away from the structure. We also added a cute little front porch that is built on top of a palette and has Planks built into it. We have chicken wire around the whole run and additionally we have hardware cloth that will be Secured over the windows so no predators will be able to get in And the chickens will not poke through the screen and get out when we don't want them to be. They also have a 150 pound Big Brother named Brady who has had chickens in the past and considers them his own. So as far as letting them go free range in the yard between myself being outside and Brady we are confident that they are safe. Inside the coop we Have a hanging feeder and a hanging bucket from which the chickens can get water underneath so they can't get poop into their food or water and contaminate them. They also have two Nesting boxes and various 2' by 4' boards staggered around for roosting. We have aHeat source for The cold New England winters and we have a Chick-Inn cam With motion activated alerts To provide security for inside the coop and outside the coop. We hung the sign with chain and an antique saw that we had hanging around. As far as plans go we had an idea to start from but we mostly were winging it!(pun intended) Finally we put down a layer of pine shavings for the 1st Week and yesterday when we cleaned it out the linoleum flooring made it so simple to get it perfectly clean. When we put bedding down again we put a layer of hay and then some pine shavings on top so they could scratch around and keep busy all indications from the chicken cam seem like the girls are enjoying it. We are looking forward to having a eggs in early October or late September. In the mean time it's just enjoyable to plop a couple of chairs out in the yard and hang out with the girls as we learn their different dispositions And character traits. 20190705_180538(1).jpg 20190707_170638.jpg 20190707_143717.jpg 20190707_132632.jpg 20190707_170713.jpg 20190707_120300.jpg 20190705_180525.jpg 20190706_101909(1).jpg 20190706_132359~2.jpg Screenshot_20190710-192113_Arlo.jpg 20190707_170638.jpg 20190707_143717.jpg 20190707_132624.jpg 20190707_132632.jpg 20190707_170638.jpg 20190707_170713.jpg 20190707_120300.jpg 20190707_120302.jpg 20190705_180525.jpg 20190706_101909(1).jpg 20190706_132359~2.jpg 20190705_180538(1).jpg

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  1. DobieLover
    "Nice coop."
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 9, 2019
    Nice job on your coop.
    You will not need that heat lamp in the coop. It is a fire hazard that could very easily burn down all your hard work! As long as you keep the coop clean, DRY and well ventilated your birds will do just fine over the winter
  2. WannaBeHillBilly
    "Beautiful coop and happy chickens"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 13, 2019
    An eye-catcher for your backyard!
    Beautifully written article with plenty of pictures, easy to read and full of ideas (culled lumber! Take that Ohm-Depot…). Well done!
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  1. Fertile Liza
    Thank you fof your kind words!
  2. alexisrambles
    This is SO CUTE! Go you!
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  3. D-Bar-B
    I absolutely LOVE your coop! And Brady is the cutest big brother ever!! I always like looking at other coops to get inspiration for what else I'd like to add to mine (and give hubby more projects). Y'all did a great job and your article is very informative with great pictures. And I agree about sitting and watching your chickens. It's my favorite thing to do every evening after work.
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    1. Fertile Liza
      Thank you very much, we appreciate your comment!
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