Chicken Condominiums: The Main, Chicken Alley and the Nudist Colony

We live on 1/2 acre right on Main Street in a small agricultural town. We have multiple coops to keep our ladies (and one gentleman) content. Since space is tight, we utilized this small area to the fullest and created our chicken condos.

To the left is the main coop; where I keep buff and blue orpingtons. To the right is the bantam runs. all the runs are now covered with corrugated clear plastic and have grape vines all over them.
Finally, we have our Nudist Colony which is home to a permanently injured naked neck. It is a small run that was created by utilizing the sides of the shed and coops for three of the walls. It was nessecary since our Naked Neck hen was being horribly picked on and ended up injuring her leg.

All the runs are covered above and below ( The Nudist Colony is also now covered above also ) All the chickens go in at night to protect them from predators that can fit through chainlink or may get in/reach over the evening. Most evening they free range before bed time.
The other side of the shed houses rabbits in their pen. They also get shut in at night.

Our coops are small but we tried to use the space as efficently as possible while keeping the clean landscaped feel to the yard. We are very happy with the results-- they chickens are too!
We also have goats and an aviary with doves and finch on our property. The goats-5 pygmy/nigerians- are up on the hill behind the house in a paddock area. There are concrete stairs to the left of the aviary that lead to the top of the hill.
All this on 1/2 an acre on Main Street.