Chicken Coop Project

By shawnj72 · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. shawnj72


    I went out back Cut some Logs and Set them in the ground. This was supposed to be the kids playhouse.
    My second youngest daughter helping setting side walls.
    Roof Rafters and side walls Up. Whew what a job for someone doing it
    all by hisself and never building anything before.
    Snow came and My Coop Project Ended Abruptly.
    Roof on and Ends framed in and started on the Nest Boxes.
    Front view all Boxed in and doors and windows made.
    My Side entry View. Still need to finish the inside and Fence in the run.
    First Coat Of Stain
    Outside Almost done
    Front Large Overhang Run side
    Inside Not Quite Finished
    Chicken Run Started.
    Run Finished Except the door
    Side View Of finished Coop and Run.
    Outside Finally Complete.
    Inside Nest Boxes.
    Perches Done..
    I think We'll Call It CAMP YARD BIRD.
    All Finished..Whew!
    Outside and Run
    North side...Yes " Camp Yard Bird"
    South Side Coop door and Supply Box
    Athina Marie
    Inside All Nest Boxes Done
    Perches need poop control.. with sand floor
    The End?

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Recent User Reviews

  1. leslielbk
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 19, 2018
    I love how you start out with "it was going to be the kids playhouse" and don't go any further than that LOL. So I was captured with that pic, and the gorgeous posts. Then the framing, and you saying you've never built anything.
    You could raise buffalo in that thing! It turned out beautifully and you need to pat yourself on the back for the rest of your life. First class, it really is.
  2. MyChickenShack
    "Beautifully Built!"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 4, 2018
    You never built anything before??!! Nice job! I loved it. Enjoyed looking at all the pictures and watching the progress. Liked the nesting box design and the run.
  3. 21hens-incharge
    "Really cool looking"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jun 30, 2018
    Dimensions would be nice to have. Overall a nice design.


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  1. the jolly onion
    I love it! You did an amazing job.
  2. Michael Apple
    Very nice job on that yard and coop.
  3. BantamLover55
    Amazing coop! I love it!
  4. Beour3rd
    one thing comes to mind. do you not have predators???

    and its very pretty, awesome style.
  5. grullablue
    I just love your chicken coop! It's exactly my style!
  6. SarahJaneB
    Incredible chicken coop!!! Great job!
  7. jsawler
    just to let you know , this is what I based my first coop from. I thought your design matched my needs best !!I put mine on legs for shade , but I just love it!
  8. TERRY4
    Beautiful and well done! I had my Husband watch as I scrolled down. Hmmm. Hope he got some ideas. We have about 2 weeks or so. Plenty of time right?!? Lol..
  9. bearchaseranch
    Great coop. How many chickens does it house?
  10. AlabamaSweetpea
    I love your coop .. so rustic and unique
  11. Slickster3211
    awesome coop!!!! looks amazing!!!
  12. silver1313
    oohh so nice .. can i borrow you ? lol
  13. bluejeans
    wow im afraid i would kick the chickens out and move in mysel . nice real nice..
  14. Greasydog26
    If you get tired of the chickens you have got yourself a CABIN!!!!
  15. GardenGal
    What a beautiful coop! My one concern is the chicken wire fencing. It will keep your chickens in, but it won't keep predators out. Otherwise, wow!
  16. AndysHomestead
    wow, id love to have a coop that nice looking one day. thanks for sharing with us.
  17. SeramaChick
    Oh wow, I would vacation at your coop! Great work!
  18. naturalfeddogs
    Awsome coop!! Thats very well designed!
  19. dsheaz
    Wow! That's nicer than most people's cabins at camp!
  20. MyLovieChix
    WOW, Beautiful coop. How many chickens do you have?
  21. The Burg Peeps
    I really love your coop! Beautiful!
  22. flyfishingal
    Very nice... I really like it.
  23. judyki2004
    wow!!! Nice, big, pretty chicken cabin!!! love it!
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