Chicken coop with a playground!

By Verow75 · Apr 20, 2013 · Updated Apr 20, 2013 · ·
  1. Verow75
    We are so excited! We are almost done with our chicken coop and run. It fits comfortably 16 chickens, and the run is big enough for all of them as well. Our chickens will most likely roam our garden when we are outside. Because we have hawks, we have to be with them if we let them roam free. Otherwise they will be safe in their run, as it will be covered with hardware wire, and eventually a grapevine will cover it. Here is a glimpse of our chicken coop:
    As you can see, the below part of the playground will be the coop itself. The run is enclosed with hardware wire. We will install natural branches inside the coop and in their run for roosting. It has a window on the other side of the coop for extra ventilation for those hot summer nights. Thinking of using hardware wire to make the opening safe from raccoons and skunks. Any advice would be appreciated.
    Here is the window:

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  1. N F C
    "Playground coop"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Dec 28, 2018
    Wish the article would have included information on how this was built.
  2. Nardo
    "Good start and ideas"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Oct 12, 2018
    What happened? Did it come out as you expected?
  3. Anonymous
    "Minimal pics and info"
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018


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  1. Verow75
    Thank you! We are done, and the chicks are loving their big area. When the water in the creek comes in, around mid May, we will let them roam freely our yard. Can't wait!
  2. The4Chickeneers
    great idea! love the playground thing! very creative! I'd give it a four out of five star rating!! very good!
  3. earlybird10842
    Awesome! Must-subscribe!
  4. Verow75
    Sorry, I thought I added a picture, but it disappeared.
  5. Verow75
    As you can see it's a pretty decent size. The top will have hardware cloth or wire.
  6. GardenGal
    How exciting! I don't know how big your window is on the other side, but those little windows don't look like they'd do much for ventilation. Is the run going to have hardware cloth across the top? Raccoons do hunt in the day time if they need to. I would frame out the run and wire the top. Good luck!

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