How to make a chicken run without tools.
You only need a pair of scissors or a knive to cut the rope. And some glue.

Last year I decided to make our old party tent of 3x3 meters into a extra run for my chickens.
This is how I started:

And this is the result:

Because the chickens already have a small covered run, the run is only used during the day.

How it is made
I used the frame of the party tent. First I glued the parts together and painted it dark grey. Then put mesch around it . The mesh is 15 x 15 mm , 1 meter high on three sides and 50 cm high on one side. We put strong netting above the mesh. The netting was ordered online in the right size for my needs. 1 m high and 6 m wide for two sides, one side has to come on top of the coop and was 70 cm high and 3 m wide. And one side is covered with mesh panels to make a entry in the coop. At the entrance I used 50 cm mesh to dig in the Ground. This way its easy to step over the mesh into the run.

The mesh, panels and strong netting are attached to the frame with nylon rope. You do need many meters/yards (aprox. 100 meters) to attach all the mesh and netting. This is where you need the scissors. To cut the rope. A lighter can be handy too to prevent the rope fraying..

If you like a covered run you can use the cover of the party tent. I put a stong netting (3,25 x 3,25 m) on top.

We put the party run 25 cm deep in the ground against foxes and other preditors. The netting on top is to prevent the dutch to fly out and to protect them against hawks and such. The size of the openings is 4x4 cm. Only small birds come in to eat from the grains. :)

My 6 Small Dutch bantams are pleased with it.

Long term use /changes
I’m using this party run for four years now. I did have problems with rats chewing on the netting just above the hardware cloth. For that reason I made some adjustments.

I recommend to make the hardware cloth up to 1,1 -1,5 meter (4-5’ foot) above ground level or more.
Another issue might be other predators then rats. But I did not have any trouble with them. There are foxes in this area though.

I made a chicken guard between the coop/small run and this party run. And build a extra 6m2 run behind it. Made from wood and mesh on the sides, cat netting on top behind this one. Because I have more chickens now.
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