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  1. ocd123

    The chicken Mansion

    We decided to build a new chicken coop much bigger than our last to hold 6 birds. So we watched quite a few chicken videos on youtube and found some really good ideas. We designed the coop in two sections so that we can close off one side to make it easier to clean out.[​IMG]

    We have two sliding doors which close off the sleeping area/nesting boxes and second section to the coop.To open and close these doors we have installed a pulley system which is secured by a wooden toggle and metal hook. (Below:)


    The picture shows the door seperating the two parts of the run.
    The 1st part is built on slabs and in the 2nd area there is a heavy duty wire sheet buried underneath the ground to prevent foxes digging their way into the coop.We plan to lay tuf on top of the dirt so that they can scratch and eat the grass. Also in the 2nd area there will be a couple of roosting bars that will be made from an old tree branch.

    Below: Is the door and ramp going to the coop where they can sleep at night.
    Inside the coop there is two nesting box compartments and two long roosting bars with a bit of a shelf which they can use to jump up onto the roosting bars.

    We decided that we'd like to see inside of the coop when they are all in so we added a perspex window. (Below)

    Below: We fitted a air vent in to get circulation through the coop in the summer.

    [​IMG]The feeder.

    [​IMG]The second part of the run.

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  1. N F C
    "Dividing Coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Oct 22, 2018
    It would be helpful if more details were included in how this coop was built, approximate cost, maybe more actual pictures of it being built. Still not sure how the division between the two sides works? Looks nicely built, would be nice to have an update on it.
  2. BY Bob
    "Need more info to understand better"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    I was really intrigued by the sight of this coop and really wanted to know more. While there are good photos here I had a hard time actually figuring out how it was constructed in the manner it is and why. There may be advantages here over a typical coop but I could not pull them out.
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  1. N F C
    Any updates since 2013? How's the coop working for you?
  2. miquwid
    I really like the concept and your quality of work is amazing good job!
  3. marxmail
    I like the layout with the two areas.
    -- Looks really nice!

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