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By Mamahumecky · Apr 18, 2013 ·
  1. Mamahumecky
    This is what I think we have decided on. We will have 14 chickens
    2 buff orpingtons
    2 red sexlinks
    2 black jersey giants
    2 americaunas
    2 red leg horns
    4 cochins

    the run will have total of 21 ft of run space that is 8ft wide. 16 of that run space will be 4ft tall and 5 ft of it will be 2ft tall under the coop. the coop will be 5x8 with 5 nest boxes 18 inches deep 12 inches wide. it will have a bottom exit hole four roosts that are 5ft long each staired . the front of the coop will be 4ft high sloping the roof down to 3ft in the back. I plan on building in panels so that I can move it with me since I rent.
    I will update more once we stat construction

    side view with large cleaning access door

    side view with three hinged windows

    front view covered ventilation since it's a bottom access coop

    inside view looking down


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