Gramps Chicken Coop

In April of 2010, I built a chicken coop with a temporary run and purchased 15 Chickens from a local grower. They were a mix of Rhode Island Reds and Americaunas. It turns out that there were only six hens. I kept the six hens (4 - RIRs and 2 Ameri.) and one rooster (RIR). In September, I moved the coop to a new location (sun instead of under trees) and added a run to the front. The Coop is 4' X 10' X 7' with 5 laying boxes added to the back. The Run is 8' X 10' X 6.5' and is covered with a metal roof. The coop and run were built with recycled and left over building materials as much as possible.



In August 2010, I purchased 13 chicks (8 Rhode Island Reds and 5 Australorps). Here they are at 2 weeks in their brooder.


They are currently being kept in the run. The dog house serves as a coop. Once they are large enough that I don't have to worry about hawks, they will move into the large coop and will free range during the day with the other chickens.
Here they are in the run at 7 weeks.


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