Est. 2013

As of April 7th, is finally done!Cluck Castle
This is my first chicken coop.
Built completely by my dad and I.

My chicken coop story starts with needed a new home for my month old chicks. They had been currently living in a recycling box, and with them growing faster than expected, it was getting cramped!

Being a new chicken raiser, I hadn't even thought of a chicken coop. I started rapidly searching for pre-built coops online, but they were so expensive!
So my Dad, being the D.I.Y. guy, decided we would build our own coop.
We took a day to plan it out, and decided on a simple coop, able to hold up to 10 chickens.

The castle theme for the coop came from me being a fan of video games such as Fable and Skyrim which had medieval settings with castles, kings, and dragons. I also wanted something unique and eye catching. I had seen alot of rustic, country, and barn style themed coops, and I thought a castle would really stand out.

This coop features a big open space for chickens to walk around in and spend the night. Plenty of room for lots of chickens and 2-6 nest boxes. It has PVC pipes for feeding and overhead beams to hang waterers from. One side panel opens up for easy and quick cleaning. Perfect height too so you don't have to bend over. It has two windows on the side covered with hardware cloth for great air flow so the chickens won't get hot during the 100 degree summers.
My coop is inside a large dog run as well so the chickens have lots of room to roam, we plan on expanding it soon.

Something I would have liked to done differently is make a better ramp. It's a bit steep and the chickens usually just fly into the coop. But for those who have wing-clipped chickens, it may be difficult. Other than that, I see everything is perfect about this coop, it's very functional and low maintenance.

This coop cost us
Compare that to other coops that cost over $200

I don't believe there is any other coop like this one. It's unique and beautiful. Well worth the time and money! Our neighbors love it and whenever we have company, everyone wants to see it. But most of all, the chickens love it!


Front Panel
4ft Across
2.5ft High

Side Panels
3ft Across
Height ranges from 3ft to 2.5ft (It's slanted)

Back Panel
4ft Across
3ft High

2.5ft High

Materials Used

Plastic Roof
PVC Pipes
Hardware Cloth
BEHR Paint
Metal Hook Latches

Finished Product

Day one
Basic frame finished

Day Two
"The Lemonade Stand"
Roof added
Hardiplank back and bottom placed in

Day Three
Sidings done
Windows cut
PVC Feeder Openings cut
Door and hook added

Day 4
Other side added for easy cleaning

Day 5-Something

Painting finally done
Chains added for a "drawbridge"
PVC feeders in
Bedding in
Nesting boxes set up
Overall: Chickens Have a Home!

So what do ya'll think?
Thanks for checking out my coop!
If you have any questions let me know.​